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Original Title: The Hitchhiker
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: USA Network,HBO
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the adventure films - the crew of the submarine, the new development of German security experts. It is designed to provide interception of the British courts, which make up by a serious threat to mighty Germany. War drama tells us about the stressful events of the Second World War. More recently, a detachment of young people nostalgic about the house, his own family and my girlfriend, waiting for their men to war. But now all their thoughts are quite different, because the crew members understand that the submarine could be their last place of residence in this world. Life boys and their experienced and seasoned captain is now under serious threat, and nobody knows whether they can survive and get back out of the vast depths of the Atlantic alive. They will go through a lot to save his homeland from the ruthless enemy.

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