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Original Title: The Honourable Woman
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: SundanceTV,BBC Two
Creators: Hugo Blick
Language: English
Description: The British miniseries The Honorable Woman tells of Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal). She is a woman from a wealthy family, her father was an Israeli arms dealer and beyond Nessa belongs to the House of Lords on. Her father, however, was murdered 28 years ago. Meanwhile, Nessa has grown up and has taken over the family business. In the spirit of her father, who was an active member of the Zionist movement and has always supported his country, also Nessa out to be a person who wants to leave their mark in Israel.    However, the structure of the Stone Group is rebuilding and directs the focus of its activities on the development of electronic networking that does not even meet the most rudimentary rights between irsrael and the West Bank. While Nessa invested their entire engagement in the development of infrastructure, sought her brother, Ephra Stone (Andrew Buchan) to the preservation and promotion of cultural foundations. Consequently, the reputation of the Stone family is growing by the day, and especially Nessa soon occupies a key position in the political process.    Not least because Nessa uses extraordinarily for rapprochement between Israelis and Palestinians. However, this prestigious circumstance become just as quickly to the danger source. Finally Nessa gets an energetic woman who wants to change something in the line of fire of some people who see their own interests in view of the impending changes in risk.    Main characters of The Honorable Woman    Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is the daughter of an Israeli arms manufacturer with Anglo-Israeli roots. Already at a young age she witnessed the murder of her father. Later, she took over the management of the family business and changed its direction: away from the weapons production and towards the infrastructural development of Israel. Moreover, Nessa is very committed in terms of the approach of Israel and Palestine.    Ephra Stone (Andrew Buchan) is the brother of Nessa and has headed the family business before her. He has, however, left the Stein Group his sister in the end and is now devoted to the preservation and promotion of cultural institutions in Israel. Ephra is a taciturn man who lives in the shadow of the brilliance of his sister and tried to hide even a few dark secrets from the public and his family.    Sir Hugh Hayden Hoyle (Stephen Rea) working in the field for the MI6 in Israel. His current mission is to protect the Stone family. Especially Nessa has been acting through their actions not only a large number of friends, but at least as large number of enemies. Hugh takes a close look with Nessa's past in order to protect them. In addition, he is confronted on a regular basis because of its shocking discoveries with his moral compass.    Atika Halibi (Lubna Azabal) is a close friend of Nessa and responsible addition of Nanny of the children of Ephra. Atika itself has a son named Kasim. She has been working for a long time for the stone and maintains with most members of the family a friendly relationship. This will automatically involved in the affairs of the Stone Group. Over time, the friendship between her and Nessa grows, so Atika eventually even acts in an advisory position.    Background information on The Honorable Woman    The miniseries The Honorable Woman (or The Honorable Woman written) celebrated on 3 July 2014, BBC Two premiered. A total of eight episodes were broadcast with a respective running length of 60 minutes. The three-month shooting took place in the UK, the US and the Middle East. The critically the format was very well received - from praises in terms of acting performance by Maggie Gyllenhaal about dealing with the explosive issue up to the work of Hugo look that was responsible for both the production and the screenplay of The Honorable Woman. (MH)

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