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Original Title: The Kingdom
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
Channel: DR1
Creators: Lars von Trier
Description: Before us is a wonderful project, released by a force of Japanese animation. In the anime "Death Parade" is not bored stamps cartoons of the genre that attracts even more interested viewers. In the middle are people who leave our world. All we used to think that death is a transition into a paradise for the pious life with people and getting into the hell for those who led the obscene lifestyle. But the plot of the animated series reveals another version - died some people fall into a kind of purgatory called Quindecim. There dwells the mysterious bartender checking all new guests their own specific ways. Dekim - young blonde, and at first glance no one even in the head does not come, that he many hundreds of years. It has long been among temporary residents guy suits fatal revels that can reveal the true faces of all the participants. Due to such an unusual contest, identifies those who are worthy of a new life, and those who have a direct route to the final destruction. But most interesting is that each character has a chance to change and choose your own path. Even the villains here can be a virtue.

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