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Original Title: The Kitchen
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: STS
Creators: Vasili Kutsenko,Igor Tudvasev,Dimitry Jan,Pavel Danilov,Vitaly Shlyappo
Description: At the beginning of films we are introduced to Jacqueline Palmer and her photographer sister Kate, and then our eyes unfolds the whole idea. Boyfriend of the protagonist of the drama, "Yes, yes, and again yes" mature enough to make his beloved marriage proposal. The man is a doctor. So Jackie and Kate are suitable at the invitation of Peter to the hospital, after which it drives an ambulance, from which pops up the man himself and some of his relatives. Hero dressed in a tuxedo, "armed" ring and flowers, so it's hard not to guess his next steps. Jacqueline responds to the offer consent. Later she realizes that the answer is "yes" is not entirely sincere. She begins to doubt, because he understands that, for Peter's wedding will be a chance to move up the career ladder and it is likely that the real love of her he did not have. Despite this, the heroine still proceed to the wedding preparations, which is sent to the house of his family. Soon, Jacqueline met a charming brother Peter Max, which is the complete opposite of his cousin. This meeting will play a major role in the further actions of the heroine ...

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