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Back in the first season, Phil, nicknamed Tandy completely desperate to meet people. He managed to survive a dangerous virus that destroyed most of humanity. After this, the main character of the series "the Last man on Earth" for 12 months alone traveled to the United States, deciding to eventually return to the town where he was born and grew up. Surprisingly, it is there that he finds other survivors, joining together with them in a group. In the final of the last part of all the heroes managed to get to the yacht on which they want to go to Mexico to avoid a meeting with the radiation cloud. But before they left, they were overtaken by armed Pat, who decided to take revenge on Phil and his friends. He was going to shoot Pete, but suddenly there was another shot-the man fell, and behind him the characters saw Pamela, who eventually sailed with them. After a kind of funeral of Pat and the deceased by his hand rear Admiral, with whom none of the characters did not have time to meet, begins swimming. Initially, everything unfolds according to a plan that goes to hell because of Gail. Woman thinks she's put on the night anchor, but actually the chain is not unwound to the end, because she pressed the wrong button. As a result, the yacht takes to the open sea... At the same time, many people notice that Pamela behaves incorrectly and unceremoniously destroys the reserves of the other members of the group.

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