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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Cartoon Network
Creators: Judd Winick
Language: English
Description: Juniper Lee lives in a fairly large fictional town called Orkid Bay city. For some inexplicable reason, he becomes almost the center of the magic. On its territory you can meet every day incredibly dangerous, powerful and treacherous creatures from the other world. Each of these monsters is endowed with magical abilities, presenting a sufficiently significant threat to the common man in the street. Except nobody sees them except little juniper. This girl is endowed with an unusual gift that helps her not just to watch the insidious creatures, but also to give a fitting rebuff to those who are going to harm the civilian population.Divided the world of magic and the real is strong enough wall. It allows you to save the common man from all sorts of visions, and, most importantly, the effects of magical space. The girl, who became the main character of the series, called the life and adventures of juniper Lee, will become a kind of guardian of these two worlds, maintaining a delicate balance. She can do magic herself. However, even with these abilities, is not always possible to cope with all juniper lean heavily problems. Because it is still essentially just a kid. Then to the rescue of her hurry her beloved grandmother and faithful pet Monroe.

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