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Original Title: The Loud House
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Chris Savino
Language: English
Description: If you begin to list all the members of the Loud family, then you will notice a pattern: each names begin with the letter L. For Lauda very proud name, and believe that it must comply with all the rest. And the ten girls living in the family, ten sisters, each of which is trying to be special, original, unique, colorful and distinctive. However, among this horde of nursing wormed and young boy Lincoln, the only young man in the booth. Of course, the kid falls easy, because being in the company of sisters is never easy and carefree. Suffering begins in the morning when the protagonists arrange a war for the bathroom, which is on the house alone. The bedroom is always crowded, so the Lincoln has to adapt to the regime of the day of his sisters to get a little sleep. The protagonist is trickier than it might seem, because he always has a plan! In addition to the position of the young Lincoln is always included his friend Clyde, which is a great pleasure to help deal with a couple-three problems and do something sisters until Lincoln should bore something more serious at home!

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