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Original Title: The Making of The Mob
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Channel: AMC
Language: English
Description: Kumi Shiina - a young girl who dreams of working rescuers. When she finally got the job, it was not ready for this - at Kumi did not have the equipment. She came to the police department of the Northern region, to join the team of mountain rescuers. At this very moment - there was an accident in the mountains, and the team quickly put forward for a place for man's salvation. Kumi flew with senior colleagues in a helicopter. When they found the accident, fell into a deep ice crevasse, he was saved. Rescuers arrived on the assistance Sampo Simadzaki - experienced climber loner who knows very well these places and has repeatedly rescued the team. Seeing a cheerful and courageous Sampo, Kumi was fascinated - in her eyes, he became a hero. The team took Kumi welcome, albeit sceptically - the girl-rescuer, a lover of the mountains and the romance is unlikely to be useful. Kumi from the guys learned that Sampo Simadzaki - volunteer as a lieutenant, he volunteered to help rescuers. He was born and raised in these "Northern Alps", traveling the world, raised on different mountains of the Peruvian Cordillera to the Himalayas.

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