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Original Title: The Millers
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Greg Garcia
Language: English
Description: As fans of the series remember, the sixth season ended tragically. There is a new villain-Nigan, who captures Rick and his group. The walking dead season 7 download begins with the moment at which the previous action ended. Nigan managed to capture Rick and his comrades, to subdue them under the threat of immediate death. He proved his threats weren't just words, killing one of Rick's crew. The prisoners have no choice but to work for nigana and His community, giving them half of their supplies and everything they can get. But Rick's team does not intend to tolerate subordination, the spirit of the people is not broken. They decide to unite with people from other communities and raise a rebellion against the Nigan. The villain is not going to give up his dominant position easily. The weapons depot found by Rick will be of great importance in the battle, but this fight will cost the community of Rick the lives of several faithful comrades.Despite the difficult conditions in which they have to survive, the characters remain fully alive with their weaknesses, passions, affection and hostility. They survive in the most difficult conditions, they need to constantly keep the defense against monsters and against other communities, to move, to change places of residence, and, despite this, in the group of the former police officer there were several couples, new families were formed. People do not just survive, they want to save life on Earth, to revive the dying civilization.

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