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The ten-part series "The squid from the second floor", which was created in co-production of the Czechoslovak television in 1984 with the WDR, is about two octopus made out of plasticine, which represent the everyday life of a family in Prague belong to the head: During leave Holan at the oil-contaminated Portuguese coast discover the siblings Hansi (Milan Simacek) and Eva Holan (aneta Fuchsová) randomly two enigmatic lumps that talk, extend the eyes and can move - just like real people. Out of them the children knead two squid, which they called "the Blue" and baptise "the Greens". It is not long until the Knetkraken are the best of friends of the two siblings. For Eva and Hansi is clear that they do not leave the Blue and the Green on the beach in Portugal, but they will take as "stowaways" to Prague. Said and done! Back home, begins an exciting but also chaotic time for Holan children with the blue and the green. Because hardly the family after the failed holiday back home, it begins in the House of Holan to be haunted, water pipes begin to burst for no apparent reason and all sorts of strange incidents occur. And then also the megalomaniac scientist would be as Professor George (Miroslav Machácek), who had found the Knetkraken in research on the seabed. After they had escaped him, he is now back to them on their heels, because he has found out that the two escapees vast amounts of energy producing - so he could illuminate the whole of France! Of course, Eva and Hansi want to avoid at all costs. But the siblings a completely different problem is still on your mind: your parents fight constantly and reconciliation is not in sight. But who knows, maybe they succeed even with the crazy squid, the broken marriage of a truck driver in January Holan (Pavel Zedníček) and his wife Andrea (Dagmar Ve Krnova) who wants to make an opera singer career to mend again. A try at least it is worth it!

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