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A television Comedy series that aired on NBC. This is a successful adaptation of the BBC channel project of the same name. It was adapted for American viewers. The script is written by Greg Daniels. Starring Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis. The series depicts the daily life of office workers. Office planktons are engaged in dull work on the sale of paper for printing. To simulate real life shooting took place without Studio laughter behind the scenes and special lighting. After the first season, the project received ridiculous reviews, full of skepticism. Four seasons later, it became clear that this is another masterpiece from the author of"the Simpsons"and" King of the hill." The show won four Emmy awards. Throughout all seasons it is told about motley colleagues that try to get on together on tedious work, diluting it with comic problems and situations. And then there is a rumor that ahead of all workers waiting for a large staff reduction. Branch Manager Mike tries to hide from his subordinates the real state of Affairs in order to maintain the corporate spirit. Who most deserves to remain in their position? Among this chaos office plankton manages to twist novels and weave intrigues behind each other. The characters are interesting to watch, because they comment on all the events of everyday work, as in a reality show. It was this directorial technique that made the TV show so popular, despite the premiere in America at lunchtime. What is waiting for guys ahead? Who can get a promotion and build a career?