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Long ago, Rex took the blame for the crime committed by him and his companion. Karen promised to wait for her husband from prison, and now, after many years, a man out of prison. The girl dreams that now they together with the daughter will be able to live quietly, but on Karen's phone disturbing calls from the mysterious interlocutor who lets know begin to arrive – nothing is forgotten. He knows what happened years ago and that Karen can't escape justice. But the main character clearly intends to start from scratch, and it will have to find and deal with those who know too much. What will the girl protect the future of your family? Won't this be her last adventure?It is impossible not to say a few words about the musical accompaniment. The music in the film"Poisonous tree" in perfect harmony, always mounted in a plot, properly"fueling" the viewer's attention in the right moments. Just presented the picture is different professional acting, which, though not well-deserved talents of Hollywood cinema, but coped with the display of characters acting characters as efficiently as possible. In General, this picture will be a real boon for true connoisseurs of criminal thrillers.

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