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Original Title: The Prisoner
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV
Creators: Patrick McGoohan,George Markstein
Language: English
Description: Fantastic old British Thriller, which still looks the same breath, from Director Patrick Mukhwana. Starring Angelo Muscat, Patrick Mcguen. A nameless secret agent in the service of the Queen after another dangerous job wants to lay low and live a little for yourself. He even refuses another business trip and is already planning a luxurious vacation on the beach, but not the service to take and leave like that. He knows too much and is a danger to the government, being in the hands of villains, so his own office decides to quietly get rid of the saboteur and kidnaps him directly from his own apartment. More accurately, not quite kidnapped by. Waking up after sleeping gas on their own suitcases collected, our hero looks around and does not notice anything unusual. Is this a farewell joke from colleagues? But everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Going beyond the threshold of his own home, the man realizes that his home – a monumental building of brick and concrete – is not where he is supposed to be. This place is far from London, but rather some mysterious province. Of course the first thing he's trying to figure out what this place is and receives summary information. It is located in the" Village", a small town from which there is no exit. All people here are called numbers instead of names and maintain some sort of hierarchy. No one remembers their past, hanging everywhere surveillance cameras, and the town itself is surrounded on the perimeter, so no chances to escape just yet. Now his name is the Sixth, and he just has to get to the truth.

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