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Original Title: The River
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: TV3
Creators: Arne Berggren,Kristine Berg
Description: Probably the movies I watched all. Mostly they live and are in America. But that in the Soviet Union, too, were superheroes no one knew anything, and only when it broke up, there was such news. They were invited to help people get rid of different creatures or enemies who came to our planet in order to capture it. But in order for the person to be recognized as a superhero all of his abilities were tested. Of course, when not required to protect the world, they lived among ordinary people and practically does not differ from them. But when it was necessary they came to protection and fought to the last. Arsus was the leader of this team. He had the ability at any moment to turn into a powerful bear that can carry everything in its path and cope with any force. He also has Khan in his team. He skillfully and accurately manage any kind of weapon, and rapidly switches between them. A girl named ler can easily move on the ground, as well as move mountains and other mountain peaks. And another girl named Ksenia is able to move quickly under water and also control the water and swim long distances. But with this team city residents can sleep peacefully.

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