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  • Drama
The plot of the new series in all colors paints the difficult realities of life of the crowned persons. This is a real dramatic story, which the creators of the series tried to give the audience without any embellishment. What are they really the inhabitants of luxury castles, which many people envy and just dream to be in their place? Is their life really as cloudless as it is represented by people less respected and wealthy? Can to save the presence of a large state and honorary status.
in fact, when watching the series, the viewer will soon realize that the main characters were in captivity of its high status. First of all, always and everywhere they have to think about their reputation. At the same time, we often have to sacrifice the most expensive – love attachments and friendship. Residents of the country see them as a real standard of morality and an example to follow. They are not given to understand that the inhabitants of the luxurious castles are actually the same people as everyone else. They are concerned about the same feelings and problems, but they should keep everything in themselves, away from prying eyes. Their weaknesses and preferences they should keep to yourself. And so always…

Televison show The Royals seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5

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