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Exciting adventures of Papyrus begin quite unexpectedly. Boy grew up in a family of a simple fisherman. His life proceeded without any bright moments. He helped his parents, obediently coped with household duties and regularly went fishing with his father. However, it was in Ancient Egypt is pretty terrible times. Now over each of its inhabitants hung a terrible threat. The evil God Seth is preparing a cunning plan to enslave the entire population. Even a powerful Pharaoh does not know how to deal with such a powerful enemy. Great gods come to the rescue.
They give the boy a magic weapon. This is an ancient sword, the strength of which depends entirely on the courage of its owner. However, the Papyrus was of rather brave. Gods knew, that in the hands of this young men sword will become indeed a formidable, a powerful weapons, which will under force cope even with so powerful God, as Seth. Now Papyrus will meet a pretty Princess Aunt Sheri, who will inspire his new feats, helping in the most difficult situations. Then the guys need to release the God Horus and return peace to the native land of Egypt, destroying the villain.

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