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In The Slap - Only a slap (OT: The Slap) Hector family and friends to barbecue invites. A get-together in the circle of loved ones - is there anything better? The sun is shining and the kids play on the lawn. But then it comes to the devastating as titular slap and shatters the supposed idyll. Each of the eight episodes portrays the consequences of that fateful Handgreiflichkeit from the perspective of another person. At the end of the day from the initial harmony between all Register only a dark shadow, as well as the certainty that a coming together will never happen again in this form remains.    Main characters of The Slap - Only a slap    Hector (Jonathan LaPaglia) is part of the Australian middle class, is 40 years old and has Greek roots. He is also married to Aisha. Together they have two children and a tranquil home in a sleepy suburb of Melbourne.    Aisha (Sophie Okonedo) is Mauritian and Indian ancestors and is married to Hector. However, Aisha is not a woman who takes care of the children only at home. Instead, she heads as vet their own practice and is happy to set the tone.    Anouk (Essie Davis) has made in television career. As chief dramaturge and writer, she is responsible a successful soap opera and has an affair with the star Selbiger. Anouk is a good friend of Aisha and would love to write a book.    Rosie (Melissa George) is also in Aisha's friends. She is married to Gary, but suffers greatly from the alcohol addiction. Solace she finds only her son Hugo, in which it is totally in love and still breastfeeding.    Harry (Alex Dimitriades) has his own business as a mechanic and opened a car repair shop. He is Hector's cousin and happily married. He and his wife had a son and can also afford a stately home with pool and tennis court.    Manolis (Lex Marinos) walked once from Greece and has found a new home in Australia. He is Hector's father and discovers that most of his friends depart this life. Therefore, he clings to the members of his family.    Connie (Sophie Lowe) is 17 years old and an orphan. Therefore, she lives with her aunt and wants soon to graduate. She also earned as an assistant in Aisha's practice some money and is secretly in Hector.    Richie (Blake Davis) goes together with Connie to school and suppresses his homosexuality. At the same time he is the kind of young people who have no idea what to do with their lives after high school. (MH)

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