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Original Title: The Syndicate
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Kay Mellor
Language: English
Description: Last season, the heroes of a fascinating Comedy series, telling about the life of an ordinary supermarket, managed to break the real "jackpot" - in their hands were 18 000 000 dollars, which affect each of the guys. In the first episode of the second season of Syndicate, we learn that the day before Becca bought a lottery ticket, hoping to suddenly get rich, but lost it. A normal person would go and buy a new one, right? Not Becca, not her. The girl is taken to search all around, but not too sharp victim goes for just 72 dollars? In the next series, we present a new love line – the relationship of the loser Tom and beauty Natalie, which can change the way of life as a guy and his lover. Next, we learn the details of the lottery ticket, which, in fact, won a lot more-the jackpot amount is simply enormous! But will the characters be able to resist from becoming petty and dependent on money people?

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