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Original Title: Through the Wormhole
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Science
Creators: Geoffrey Sharp
Language: English
Description: The series, based on the world's bestseller, tells the story of a former British soldier who is currently forced to work as a hotel administrator. At the same time, he is a double agent, trying to infiltrate the arms dealer's gang.All of the action Thriller takes place in the Cairo. Jonathan pine, a retired British army officer, works here as a night administrator. Unfortunately, about a quiet life he had only dream, as he learned about a major arms deal and reported it to the appropriate authorities. But, Richard, the gun Baron, had such a wide influence that he managed to escape punishment and in addition he killed the witness.Since then 4 years have passed and now the main character re-working administrator, but in another city. The hotel will soon come important guests, among which the same Richard. This time, Jonathan is going to infiltrate his gang to finally see him behind bars. Several agencies joined together, and the operation was top secret. Jonathan needs to get close to the offender so that he was able to introduce it into their ranks.

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