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Original Title: Time After Time
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Kevin Williamson
Language: English
Description: The action-Packed drama series with Thriller elements is inspired by the works of the great science fiction writer Herbert wells. The events are based on the story of attempts to build an ideal world. The main character, a science fiction writer, the author of numerous religious works, obsessed with the idea that stirred the minds of many prominent representatives of mankind. He dreams of inventing a time machine. And our stubborn hero is still possible. Overjoyed, he responsibly prepares to try his incredible invention. However, it's already done Jack the Ripper. Sinister maniac killer stole the machine and went straight to the bright and unknown future. Wells is terrified! In his opinion, the future is a beautiful, utopian world where there is no place for violence, wars, murder and crime. Frightened by this development of events, the hero throws everything and also plunges headlong into a journey through time. He is now driven by a single goal-as soon as possible to overtake the villain and prevent the nightmarish atrocities that he conceived and be sure to bring to life, if not stopped. From now on, the existence of Herbert turns into a tense race, because the writer's opponent is extremely cunning and insidious. And just like that he will not be given…

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