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  • Drama
In the center of the plot of the drama series "Trickster" high school student Jared. He lives in a small town in northern British Columbia with a young mother who spends most of her time meeting friends drinking beer and smoking marijuana. After school, the guy works in a local burger, and many visitors know that for the request "I have extra-salted fries" from him you can get a dose of homemade ecstasy. In terms of the degree of responsibility, it is not difficult to understand who is more responsible in Jared's family or his mother. His father is on disability benefits and, like an exemplary son, the guy helps him too. Local psychotic drug dealer Richie got angry at his mother's substantial debt and set his dog on Jared, whom she easily hit with a car. The man turned out to be vindictive and came to the guy's place of work to warn him about the big debt that needs to be paid otherwise he will be an orphan. The guy understands that this is a vicious circle and no matter how much he repays the debt, his mother will again pick up a considerable bonus on debts. And then the school psychologist presses on him and demands to think about the future. Jared feels cornered, no matter what he does, no matter how hard his parents try, they let everything down without thinking about him. In an old house on the outskirts of the city, Jared works his magic, here he has a laboratory, where he makes magic pills that are bought up by his clients. For some time now, the guy has had strange visions, and he hopes that these are not the hallucinations that his mother often sees. A young woman behaves like a spoiled teenager, lives in some kind of fictional world without responsibility. After her next trick in the burger, Jared was fired from his job, she never figured out with Richie, and now her son has to think about how to further support his parents and distribute pills. A school friend sells his account to help Jared pay off Richie's debt, but his mom moves on. She sets fire to the drug dealer's trailer so that he can get insurance and share with her. In the meantime, Richie will live with her and her son in the same house. As if the guy has so few problems.

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