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Original Title: Trollhunters
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Guillermo del Toro
Language: English
Description: We can not even guess that around us live fairy-tale creatures-people can only build assumptions about their possible existence, creating characters for various fairy tales. But the main character of the animated series "Troll Hunters" was lucky to find out. 15-year-old Jim was an ordinary schoolboy, who was engaged in household chores and did not know that there is a magic dungeon, where dwells a people trolls. Some are good, some are evil. Since ancient times, these lands were under the protection of a brave warrior. Forces for the battle he was given a magic amulet hunting. But in one of the battles he was lost until, until you find a worthy of his power. Jim was chosen. Once descended into the basement of his house, he found an unusual talisman and a whole bunch of trolls that guarded him. Fortunately, they were kind, and therefore helped the boy to deal with what awaits him in the near future: told the truth about the mystical world of various creatures, told about the power of the amulet and taught basic combat tricks. After all, now the youngster will have a hard way to confront the universal evil. And he needs to learn a lot more to become a real warrior.

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