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Original Title: Undercover
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BNT 1
Creators: Dimitar Mitovski
Description: This woman managed to overcome her own fears and failures of youth, to prove herself a talented wise leader of a prosperous state of Europe. But in the presence of three older brothers, she could claim the role of the monarch with a fairly low probability, but fate decreed that exactly 18 years she inherited the crown of great Britain.however, Victoria ascended the throne in a rather troubled time: the prolonged economic crisis and the regular unrest of fellow citizens made the once prosperous state unstable. At first, the young crowned person regularly appealed for support to the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. Influential politician gained personal happiness and related to inexperienced heroine with genuine fatherly concern. And the girl, who had never seen her own parent because of his death 8 months after the birth of the baby, had warm feelings for the wise soon as the monarch had the opportunity to get rid of the ubiquitous mother and her Manager John Conroy, Victoria chose not to share with the teachers one castle, and the Duchess of Kent, accompanied by a loyal fan went away from the capital. But for the legality of such actions ascended to the throne of the Queen was obliged to marry, and the role of the future spouse perfectly suited Prince albert. At the first meeting, the future Queen of England noted his visual appeal and ability to maintain a conversation. The young lady was charmed by a distant relative and was ready to accept his offer. Judicious companion of life became her faithful mentor and adviser, and Melbourne gradually lost its former power of influence on Victoria. Their Union was a happy, sincere feelings, surging in the introduction, have become a reliable key to creating strong families. Personal experiences the key heroine of the series "Victoria" regularly recorded in a diary, which became the basis for the creation of films about a great woman.

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