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Original Title: Unforgettable
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: CBS,A&E
Creators: Ed Redlich,John Bellucci
Language: English
Description: The 25th century is the time when humanity has ceased to have enough of the planet Earth as a source of food and resources necessary for life. In addition, all corners of the home planet have long been studied and I want something more-new discoveries, other races, unusual inventions that can be exchanged for some technical achievements. Having set a goal, the leading minds of mankind reach it. They manage to get in touch with other intelligent beings that live in the universe. The next step - is to build a huge spaceship that will help to conquer the expanses of space and explore everything firsthand. The project is called Orville and is given under the leadership of a young captain Mercer, who is now in life is not the easiest period. He is separated from his wife, but despite this he does not revel in grief, but tries to switch to something else on the contrary and space travel is suitable for this as well as possible.

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