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Original Title: Unforgettable
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: CBS,A&E
Creators: Ed Redlich,John Bellucci
Language: English
Description: To each of the series in one way or another, you can apply the definition of "unique." Of course, every time it is done with more or less stretch. In the case of" the Outer Limits " there is no such stretch at all. The first time this anthology of the unknown appeared on American screens in the mid-60s. Of course, the original was black and white. Decades have passed, but the content of the project is not outdated – on the contrary, it has become more relevant. And because in our days was withdrawn a new version of.nnNew "the Outer limits" (an alternative translation of the title) is almost a literal remake of the first embodiment. The only thing that was further removed a number of episodes. Moreover, the creation of the modern version was attended by the same producers and actors that worked on the original.nnSince this is an anthology, there is no end-to-end story and no permanent characters. In episodes it is told that excites consciousness of the modern person, but that he can't understand the mind. It's aliens and ghosts Trying not to exploit the "fried theme", the creators tend to show more dramatic relationship between humanity and the unreal.

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