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Original Title: Unforgotten
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: ITV
Creators: Chris Lang
Language: English
Description: This series tells the story of the Talon-a bright lady belonging to the race of Warlocks. Her family is dead, and the girl is going to find those who are guilty of their death. To do this, she goes to the city, which is more like a real Outpost. And it is on the border of the whole civilized part of the world. During her journey, she discovers that she is the owner of a great magical power, to which she is able to apply when he wants. Talon realizes that such power without control can destroy her, so first of all she will have to curb these opportunities. Fanatics of religion are trying to set up everywhere its own laws and regulations. And only young Talon has a chance to turn the tide of history.

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