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Original Title: Upstairs, Downstairs
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV
Creators: Eileen Atkins,Jean Marsh,John Hawkesworth
Language: English
Description: The young CIA agent Annie Walker, who completed their training recently, is quite surprising placed in the field of the CIA, in the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) and is now working as an undercover agent. There they will put the blind technician August Anderson aside, she instructor in the work of the CIA. From now on, Annie works covered and pretends to work for the Smithsonian Museum. But actually Annie was chosen for one reason only of the supervisor Joan and Arthur Campbell: Annie will help them location and arrest of their criminal ex-boyfriend.    Main characters of Covert Affairs    Anne Catherine 'Annie' Walker (Piper Perabo) is 28 years old and has completed their training at the CIA. When she is suddenly transported, she has no idea that their superiors they have only chosen to get hold of them at her ex-boyfriend. She is fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Persian and Portuguese.    August 'Auggie' Anderson (Christopher Gorham) functions as special operator and technicians for the CIA. In a mission in Iraq with the Army Special Forces, he lost his eyesight. he still has not completely come to this state, which is why he often travels jokes about it.    Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett) is the head of the Domestic Protection Division. She is married to Arthur Campbell was then known as the agent a very gifted spy. She was at Pennsylvania State University and as a cover she is an employee of a bank. Often it is difficult for her to separate Professional of the private.    Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek) is Annie's older sister. She is married and has two kids. Annie lives in Danielle's guest house. Danielle unaware true of Annie's profession but also thinks that she works for the Smithsonian.    Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is a CIA officer who was transferred from Arthur Campbell to DPD. Jais family has a long history in the CIA. His father was a famous D / NCS. Jai often fights with him in order to emerge from his shadow.

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