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Original Title: Veep
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: HBO
Creators: Armando Iannucci
Language: English
Description: In the highest circles of society everything is always very simulated and false. Former Senator Selina Mayer will meet with all the lies and dirt that reigns in the government. The woman received the post of Vice-President and now on her shoulders fell a great responsibility. Initially, the heroine of the series "Vice-President season 1" it seemed that she will cope with new responsibilities and will be able to achieve great success in the service to her name for a long time remembered by colleagues, people and it is possible that it will often be mentioned in historical references. However, in reality it was much more complicated than Mayer herself had expected. From the first day she had to face great difficulties, because everyone in the government was for himself and tried to substitute colleagues. She got into the world of schemers and liars who pursue only their goals. Each new day Selina turns as white in a wheel, trying to correct mistakes of the subordinates. Thus, it comes in a variety of comic situations. She will organize the work of subordinates who constantly swear among themselves and categorically do not want to perform direct duties of the soldiers.

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