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Original Title: Vicious
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV,PBS
Creators: Mark Ravenhill
Language: English
Description: A funny Comedy about two elderly men with a non-traditional orientation who lived together for about half a century. Freddy-arrogant, narcissistic type with a successful acting career in the past, despite the lack of demand, used to maintain a sense of dignity. His partner – Stuart, caring and touching, tries to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, it turns out comically and awkwardly.Heroes two banter, ridiculing wrinkles and age though, both look pretty well. They take care of themselves and dress in accordance with modern fashion.A friend of a couple of violet in the eternal search for unearthly love, every time another novel ends in disappointment, but the lady does not lose heart. A storm of emotions among the elderly handsome causes the news that a young man named ash settled in the neighborhood.The writers did a good job – humor, beating right on target, not hackneyed jokes, sometimes confusing, but always causing a smile.The acting is great! Decent episode, the pleasure of watching each of the twenty-minute series is guaranteed.

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