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Original Title: Voice
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: OCN
Description: The focus of the plot is a continuation of the famous project "The Voice". The series told the story of Mu Jin-hoka, the man who was an excellent detective and always tried to pay attention to the family, and profession. However, soon he had to endure a terrible tragedy: his beloved wife died of unknown criminal hands. Wretch has committed a crime and should answer the question - so says Moo-Jin, who blames himself for the death of a loved one. One he knew, if he could protect his beloved from this trouble. wife's death broke Moo-Jin, so he became very poor. He did not devote enough time to work, but only deals with the fact that looking for the villain, breaking his life. On the other side of the story turns out to be a girl named Kang Kwon-ju, who is also engaged in secret surveillance of a maniac. The main character has lost his father, who died at the hands of the villain. She will always remember the killer's voice, which I heard at the murder scene through the television broadcast. The heroine disaccustomed the investigator in America and went to search for the offender to Korea. There she went to Mu detective and suggested that once and for all put an end to the criminal. But what will come of this?

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