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Original Title: Warehouse 13
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Jane Espenson,D. Brent Mote
Language: English
Description: All of you have probably watched such famous works of American cinema as the series"X-files" and a series of feature films"Indiana Jones". So the TV series"Vault 13" is something in between, because its creators are very well able to combine in his creation and the elements of fantasy, and dizzying adventures, as well as sparkling humor. In the center of the plot is two government agents-Mickey Bering and Pete Lattimer, serving for the benefit of the United States. One day after they manage to save the President, the agents are transferred to work on a secret facility located somewhere in the desert expanses of South Dakota. At first, the characters are not very happy with such a gift of fate, but soon their opinion changes dramatically. It turns out that"Warehouse 13" is a top - secret government facility, the existence of which is known only to a select few. Here are stored a variety of things and ancient relics that have all sorts of supernatural powers. The main task of Miki and Pete to find such things, and to place whenever possible in storage and if such opportunity isn't present, to destroy if only the subject didn't get to bad hands.

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