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Original Title: Wild Germany
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: ZDF
Language: English
Description: Who could have known that he ever need to watch online daring thriller category "B", the main role in which plays British theater actor and supporter of serious dramatic roles Paul Bettany? However, a difference of a year on the screens out two fantastic film with him in the lead roles of the same director. The first picture of surprised everybody, "Legion," which tells the biblical end of the world, to resist which is caused by the archangel Michael renegade. The last time, when God finally lost faith in humanity, he decided to destroy all mankind by sending them the flood. But this time it will be much more serious. Hordes of fighting angels descend to Earth to destroy all life on it. However, one of them still disobeyed his master and decided to go down to the people, but not to kill, but to try to save them. Pumped up and tattooed the archangel Michael appears in a dirty Los Angeles alley, cuts off his wings and sent to solitary diner at a line somewhere in the Mojave Desert. In a small company, and brave young girl, wearing a Savior in the womb, Michael turns the cafe into a fortified outpost, without any hope for victory.

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