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Original Title: Wolf's Rain
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: Fuji TV,ANIMAX
Creators: Okamura Yutaka,Tensai Okamura
Description: Hodges Bill for many years had a tough reputation of the police is a true example for all to follow. Now the service is in the past and a man enjoying a well-deserved rest. But sometimes it was plagued by thoughts related to the investigation of a complex series of murders. Then law enforcement agencies did not manage to get the truth. The protagonist decides to quench their own thirst and go back to work to close the deal nakonetsto dangling in the air. Brady Hatfield - wily criminal who often recalls his car hit a crowd of confused people. The villain wants to crank out another attempt. Give him a fitting rebuff only capable of a true professional who knows how to count strokes of cunning criminals.

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