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Original Title: Worst Cooks in America
Channel: Food Network
Language: English
Description: The film "Step Up" - another on account of the youth of the popular musical franchise media entirely dedicated to dance. Musical melodrama will present to the audience the story of enthusiastic dancing daughter Emily tycoon. Hobbies girls one day lead her to Miami where Emily should know some of the secrets of choreography. Her incomparable beauty posed step and honed movement says the head of the dance ensemble from the group Sean MOU. Recently, a talented guy to occupy entirely the staging flash-mobs right on the streets of Miami to prepare and adopt a dignified professional participation in city competition dance. Emily happily joins Sean. Big prize winner street show attracts a huge number of dancers. Metropolis is buzzing because of the relocation of the rumors. Emily's father decides to radically restructure the historic area metropolis and its residents moved to the outskirts and slums. Protesting youth out on the square and avenues organizing flash mobs in support of art and architecture of historical justice. Dance is not only art and way to earn money but also a political tool for young people to achieve freedom and equality.

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